Safety of all residents is SW LTC’s highest priority during this time

PLANO, Texas – Today, Southwest LTC released the following statement:

“Due to orders handed down by Galveston, Jefferson, and Jasper Counties, SW LTC is currently in the process of evacuating four of our facilities: Gulf Healthcare Galveston, Gulf Healthcare Port Arthur, Senior Rehabilitation Port Arthur, and Avalon Place Kirbyville.

All residents are being transported to sister facilities. Residents from COVID wings are being transported separately to COVID units to mitigate the risks to residents and staff.

Additionally, staff attending these COVID wing residents during this process will be in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout all phases of transportation to ensure their safety and that of these residents.

SW LTC is doing its best to affect these orders as quickly as possible, while promoting and protecting the safety of all involved.”


“First and foremost, we appreciate Governor Greg Abbott’s statements recognizing the importance of added visitation restrictions for long-term healthcare facilities in order to protect our extremely vulnerable resident population during the COVID-19 outbreak. This prudent course of action is also an essential part of the updated CMS federal government guidelines set out late this week to limit non-essential visitors from entry into long-term healthcare facilities. These guidelines are in line with recommendations previously released by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and supported by the Texas Health Care Association for all Texas facilities. We appreciate the Governor’s and the federal government’s clarity on this critical matter.

The risk of infection for our residents and staff is simply too high to ignore and we are continuing to communicate with families and our staff to take every precaution possible.

We acknowledge the impact these restrictions will have on families and friends who will not be able to see their loved ones during this difficult time. Accordingly, our staff will be helping our residents to remain connected to their loved ones through safe, alternative means such as Skype and FaceTime.

We are continuing to coordinate with HHSC and our local health department to minimize the possibilities of COVID-19 from getting into our facility while keeping everyone as connected as possible in the most safe and healthy ways.”

AHCA and NCAL messages:
A Message for Families & Friends
A Message for Residents & Patients

Thank you for visiting the Southwest LTC Family and Resident information site. We want to make sure our residents and family are well informed at all times. Please call 855-241-2708 for the most up to date information we have in regards to your loved ones and the policies we are putting in place to make sure they remain safe and healthy in response to all recommended precautions to COVID-19.
If you have traveled outside the United States in the last 14 days, or have signs of respiratory illness (Fever, cough, or sore throat), please DO NOT enter the facility.
Employees and contractors involved in meeting the resident’s needs or maintaining the operations of the facility will still be allowed to enter the facility upon successful completion of the facility’s screening tool.
Immediate family members should only visit for critical or time-sensitive reasons.
Routine social visits are discouraged at this time. COVID-19 is extremely dangerous for Skilled Nursing Facility residents with early estimates of at least a 15% mortality rate for older adults 80+ years old. Many populations outside of the elderly do not show any symptoms but can transmit the virus to others.
If you enter our facility, please wash your hands or use alcohol based hand rub throughout your time in the building do not shake hands with, touch or hug individuals during your visit.
We will update this number with new information as available.
Thank you for reading.

COVID 19 positive tests from staff or residents